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Renshi Renjith(Director)
The director, Renshi Renjith, is a well known fitness guru and motivational speaker in the Middle East since 1992. He has often been invited to several fitness seminars around the world. He has participated in many international fitness events and is described by Dubai Eye FM as ‘Dubai's own fitness trainer'. More than Yogacharya, and Yoga Alliance UK accredited Senior Yoga Teacher, he is one of the most senior and well admired Karate Sensei, Kung-fu expert and personal trainer. He has been the Guest of Honor to several Karate Championships with high accolades. With the experience of 30 years in the fitness industry, he is the director of Renshi's fitness center, Dubai and the Director of Golden Fist Karate clubs which have the branches throughout UAE and the chief of the style of KBI (Australia) in United Arab Emirates. Renshi Renjith, is also well known in the fitness circle, as the creator of 'Parikrama-the dynamic toning program'
Phone: +9714 452 5599, +97155 425 0077(U A E), +918606477771 (India), +16473935402 (Canada)
Black Berry PIN: 2682C713
Facebook: Renshi Renjith
Shaji Kumar
This young and energetic Yogi is well known for his challenging yoga workouts. He is the Director of ‘Mantra Fitness Studio', which is situated in the Business Bay, the new business hub of Dubai.
Shaji Kumar began his yoga practice with sitting, meditation, Yoga philosophy and related studies in high school and university. He then used his practice as a means of dealing with injuries and enhancing performance during his professional career. He left behind his business career and university study to devote himself full-time to yoga. What began as a physical practice for strength and flexibility quickly became a lifestyle. Shaji teaches his students to take their yoga off the mat and apply the principles learned in class to their lives outside of the studio. He not only teaches this philosophy, he lives it.
Phone: +97150 440 8548
Facebook: Shaji Kumar
Nirmal Jeet kaur
Nirmal Jeet Kaur is the founder and owner of the Nirmal Active Yoga Studio, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. She has been teaching yoga for more than 18years. Nirmal is respected and beloved for her powerful teaching, compelling students to integrate yoga into the realities of daily life. Nirmal is also a teacher, social worker, a good organizer, presenter and a martial artist holding black belt in Karate . She has worked for various fitness clubs and Schools in Dubai, UAE and recently moved to Canada..
If you ever find yourself stressing out, Nirmal is the teacher for you. Her relaxed smile and go-with-the-flow attitude make her the most natural yogini we know, and we love blissing out in her relaxation class
Phone: +116473935402
Honey Thattil
Honey began her yoga practice at the age of 14. She is a professional Psychiatric Social Worker ,working with National Rural Health Mission in India, where she successfully implements the techniques of Yoga. She has been awarded the titles Yogacharya and Yoga Shiromany with excellent performance . She has done her PG Diploma in Yoga as well. Honey has been teaching Yoga more than 10 years in the UK, UAE as well as in India.
Phone: +91 95 44 08 38 97
Alpa Lokhande
Alpa loves the moving meditation yoga provides her, bringing balance and peace to her hectic daytime schedule. Alpa's classes draw from her extensive knowledge of various disciplines of yoga. She is a Vinyasa and Meditation teacher.
Introduced to dance and yoga as a child, her depth as an instructor is the collation of synchronistic events that pushed her to follow her calling. Alpa is known for inspiring her community with her talents in the dance and yoga. She enjoys guiding groups through seasonal changes, sharing the healing properties of movement that are the keys to growing stronger and healthier both mentally and physically as we age.
Anita Mohseni
Anita, the first time she stepped on a yoga mat was back in 1994, had a vague knowledge of yoga from her childhood and heard about it from her mom, have been practicing yoga for the past 3 years on a regular basis.
yoga is her third incarnation in life and she think it is real her
love everything about yoga it has become to her life style and it is in her, .the YTTC was a transforming point in her life.
She do vinyasa and Hatha yoga in her classes and try to do something different in every session. Her favorite asana is bird of paradise and my challenge is sirshasana.(Head Stand).
Yoga is keeping her body and mind and spirit together on and off the mat.
Maryum Shabbir
Maryum Shabbir, a dynamic and inspirational yoga practitioner who fell in love with yoga in 2000 when she first took her yoga class. She completed her yoga studies at The Institute of Mind Sciences and Yogi Wajahat from Pakistan. Inspired by the true essence of yoga, she embarked on the journey of teaching Yoga in various institutes and also gave in house personal trainings. With her energy and dedication she designs her own series of asanas. She emphasizes on getting to know your own body, mind and self to meet the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges.IN 2012 she successfully completed RYT200 from Kshatras Yoga Dubai.With a profound experience in Yoga for Kids where she maintains a playful environment. she even learnt freelance bollywood dance and practiced fitness massages. Maryum includes facial massages with pressure points in her design of postures. She focuses mainly on power yoga, thus connecting breath with body movements and mindful alignment.
Priya Mahesh
As a yoga practitioner and teacher, Priya Mahesh believe in a practice which eliminates stress, paving way to a disciplined life, enhancing mental stability and achieving peace of mind. She discovered her love for yoga during her college days and she has been practicing yoga and pranayama regularly since then.
The Yoga Teachers Training Course at "Kshaatra Yoga" proved to be very beneficial and gave her extensive theoretical and practical knowledge.
This professional course not only helped her enhance her yoga skills but also lifted Priya's soul high and now the goal of sharing these best practices with others seems to be closer. .
Victoria J Cunningham
Originally from the UK Victoria is now settled in Dubai. Victoria holds a BA (Hons) and a Masters in Law from De Montfort University, Leicester, and has worked in the legal field for two years in the UK since attaining her law degree.
However Victoria's true passion is Yoga. Victoria first came across Yoga in Leicester three years ago and has been practicing religiously, Yoga has become a way of life. Victoria is now a qualified Yoga Teacher. Now that Victoria is qualifies she can use her skills and passion and teach as she has been taught by the Masters Yoga to her students.
Victoria always says that "To teach Yoga to students is an amazing experience and most rewarding. I can give all my passion in my teaching and enjoy watching the students improve their well-being and asana's in Yoga.
Zuzana Simkova
Zuzana has been a sports enthusiast her whole life, but was missing a holistic and healthy form of movement until she discovered yoga, which very soon reduced her back and neck pain, calmed her mind and strengthen and shaped her body. Zuzana has been a student of yoga since 2003 and is a registered Kshaatra Yoga Instructor. Her style is primarily Poweryoga, which has a base inVinyasa and Ashtanga. Her Poweryoga classes are guided by the rhythm and are easy enough for the beginners but also challenging enough for the advanced.
Zuzana is a positive person and her goal is to make everybody happy around her, create positive experiences for her students who get a work out but come away from the class feeling grounded and centered with a big smile on their face.
Turn daily stress into a tool for self discipline and growth through Yoga practice with me
Kathy Sandiyago (Kshaatra Kathy)
Since 1986 Kathy trains yoga in different parts of this universe. South Africa, Oman, Dubai, Portugal….Now teaches in UK at Westburry Farm.
The yoga gives the peace and strength throughout her life and she is sharing it with others through the yoga training.
Amanda Ridgley
The talented and well experienced Yogini Amanda, now running her Yoga studio in UK, at Sunny Side Villah, Mount Pleasant, Kings Worthy, Winchester, SO237QU
Phone: +07541 830056
Samreen Khan
The energetic yogini , now running her Kshaatra
Yoga studio in US, and also conducting the special yoga sessions in our various studios in Dubai.
Liza Sanu
This charismatic young yogini is an experienced personal trainer and dance teacher also. Conducting her classes at Dubai and neighbourhood emirates
Lata Mahesh
With a total experience of 16 years in teaching in the fitness arena, Lata is one of the favourite for the fitness freaks. She is an experienced well qualified aerobics teacher also.
Lakshmi Mukherji
For lakshmi, Yoga is her life style. She feels inner strength, energy and confidence through yoga. In her words,” learning and practicing yoga daily is easily the best thing I have done for myself” This Yogini is one of the best Kshaatrayoga teacher in the town.
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